Bernie or Bust Supporters Continue to Sabotage Clinton Just to Prove a Point
Sasha Stone

I was a Bernie gal myself, and I want to vote for Jill Stein in the upcoming election. Now, lemme tell you why.

This isn’t because I, or other Jill supporters, want revenge at Hillary. Yes, I’m mad at the DNC for alienating progressive voters by doing everything in their power to kick Bern to the curb (evidence in the New York primaries, Nevada Democratic convention, and recent email leak) despite numerous polls that strongly suggested the DNC had their best chances at defeating a Republican nominee if they backed Sanders. Hillary Clinton is a candidate I cannot support because I don’t believe in a lot of the things she does and the things she says.

The interesting thing is — and it only takes a second to google — if no one gets a majority in the electoral college, then the House of Representatives will vote for president from the top three candidates. Trump simply does not have the necessary support from US citizens to win a majority. Whether I vote for Hillary or Stein, as far as opposing Trump, is six in one half dozen in the other.

But these days, it seems hard to vote for who you want. It has always seemed like voting third party would be throwing your vote away (propagated, unsurprisingly, by the main two parties). Voter turnout has been low because it’s difficult for people to vote for someone they don’t really believe in. I know some people who have voted all their lives that simply find it impossible to be able support anyone this election round.

I support Stein because I believe in what she believes in. The Alternative Vote (AV) and Single Transferable Vote (STV) is one of Stein’s top goals, which, I believe, would solve most of our political problems (CPG Grey’s video provides a splendid visual explanation of AV

I don’t condemn you for supporting Hillary. I wouldn’t condemn you for supporting Trump; your beliefs are yours to have and I don’t intend to sway your vote one way or another. I simply wish that this comment will provide some explanation, to let you know that anger isn’t a very helpful response in today’s politics, and that I don’t appreciate the insults.

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