Reflective Journal Introduction & Purpose .

As a new student studying to become a Primary School Teacher at ACU, I have learnt in my first semester how important reflective thinking is. Reflective thinking enables me to question my own thoughts and ideas, and enables me to give my own personal opinion based on something someone else has produced. My blog posts will be my own personal reflection based on driving questions mentioned in my university unit COMM140.

I have decided to create this blog to express my thoughts and opinions based on a series of driving questions, raised in the unit COMM140. These driving questions include:

  1. “Do Digital Natives Exist?”
  2. “Why do I need to become a reflective practitioner?”
  3. “Communication through technology.”

My reflective journal will mainly be based upon these driving questions, which will focus on the impact technology has had on society and will include the ethical issues that surrounds technology. I will be able to connect will fellow bloggers especially my fellow COMM140 classmates, where we will be able to provide each other with feedback.

In my blog posts I aim to include all of my responses to the driving questions mentioned above, how my team is going with our group assessment task, and any experiences I may face in my lectures and tutorials. All of my blogs will be critical reflections based upon the driving questions given in the unit COMM140.


“I Emily D’Amore studying a Bachelor Of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) pledge that all work contained in my blog is my own, and anything that is not will be sourced and referenced properly”

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