New York State of Mind

After a great weekend of settling in, biking around Governor’s Island and familiarising ourselves with the gridlocked layout of New York City, all four of us came out of our rooms fresh faced and ready to start work at LiveTiles. The walk there allowed us to imagine what it would be like to live in this big city, with the hustle and bustle of the people rushing to and from work on foot, bikes and in bright yellow cabs.

The work environment at LiveTiles immediately felt unique. The office one big open room with many friendly faces looking up to greet us. Hasty introductions were made and we were all provided with very official-looking access to the LiveTiles system. Our first day there we were provided with in-depth descriptions of the software Toolbox that LiveTiles provides to their clients. David, our mentor, allowed us an insight into the day-to-day workings of the company and provided us with the task of designing templates for their customers’ use.

This task required us to work as a team to research, functionally create and design four webpages. Therefore, as a team we came up with a multi-step process to collaborate our individual ideas and research into one final product for each web page. The first day allowed us to settle in and gain a feel of the working environment at LiveTiles.

As our official workday finished, we took the suggestion of one of our new co-workers to dine at S’Mac, a store that sold only Mac and Cheese. Every one of us were excited to try this delicacy ordering flavours like Napoletana and Alpine.

Our second workday allowed us to work without restraints on our goal of finishing the four webpages. Less tentative today, the discussions were more intense as ideas were accepted and rejected across the table. The environment of the workplace made us feel comfortable with our work and allowed us to feel a part of the LiveTiles team. For lunch we went to Madison Park with Amin, another intern — who is actually studying in NYC but from Algeria.

We all felt more in the swing of things by the end of the day, like real New Yorkers. We had a classic breakfast for dinner of cream cheese bagels and walked down to see the lights of Times Square to finish off our day.

On our third day of work we learnt about being adaptable to requirements, as any technology company must be in the new Agile world of development. Some of our guidelines for the task changed, but we took it in our stride working towards tweaking the pages we’d already started and replicating the process for the webpages we had not. As a team we worked well in quickly changing paths and moving on from our previous designs and ideas to even better ones.

Our third day ended with a comedy show in Times Square, that was small and unexpected, but hilarious none-the-less.

We look forward to see what our work at LiveTiles has in store for us, and what we can learn about this industry over the next week and a half.