Tourist Experience- Union Canal

The Counter (on the canal)

For my tourist experience I chose to look at Union Canal. I found this area as it is near the student accomidation and I also walk by it on my way to university. I chose this for my tourist experience as there is a coffee shop on the canal (photo above) that I feel could be a great tourist attraction for all ages.

Behavioural Mapping

Mind Map

Mind Map

During my research at the canal I noticed that the main people that use the path is cyclists and dog walkers. There is also many offices in the surrounding areas so people who work in these buildings also use the path.

Union Path sign

In the mind map I mention dog walkers, beside the coffee shop on the canal there is a bowl of water for their dogs and I also noticed when I was in this area that most owners had their dogs off the lead.

There was a lot of cyclists who use this path and there was also a cycle meter that counted how many people had cycled that day.

Further along the canal there was restaurants eg zizi’s so I feel this area is probably more popular for tourists but they don’t walk far enough to see the rest of the canal.


The main people that used the coffee shop on the canal the times I was there was people who worked in the offices, they didn’t stop and sit at the seating area it has they would just take their drink and go.

The only problem with this area is that there is no street lights so at night it is very dark and not somewhere I think people would want to walk on their own.

Alternative Idea

Mind Map

The mind map above shows the main ideas we want to improve about the cafe as this is the area we want to focus on.

At the moment the cafe only sells hot drinks so to expand on this they could sell hot food as well. I would like to make the seating area bigger as it is only on the pathway beside the canal boat. My idea is to add a cafe garden on the water beside the cafe to make people want to sit in and stay instead of just taking away.

I would like to improve the whole area with street lights but specifically at the cafe and on the deck. Lights such as fairy lights and solar lights to make it more appealing to tourists at night.

I noticed in the area there wasn’t any dog bins and since it was such a popular area for dog walkers I felt this could be improved. I liked the idea the cafe had with a bowl outside for dogs to drink out of but could expand on this by selling dog food/treats too.

Dog bowl beside the canal cafe

Additional Features

Mind Map

I would like to change the surrounding area as well by having family freindly activities which I feel would attract people to come stay in their own canal boats.

Along the canal there are many ducks and swans and I feel children would enjoy this as it something fun to do with their parents.

Ducks in the canal

Having activities such as races would encourage schools to get involved and possibly help support the project. There is also a high school getting built beside the canal, this could be a great way for them to be involved with outdoor sports eg kayaking and getting to know/help their community.

I feel this area could be a really popular tourist attraction as it has so much potential but its not advertised. This could be helped by handing out flyers and putting up signs for the canal as I noticed there wasn’t any. Despite being in n unpopular area it was a great cup of coffee.

The Counter (on the canal)