The Flower Dress

I believe for costume making, it is best to start with the hardest, to leave more room for error. I decided to do this with the first costume. This performer was a singer, so I knew it had to be able to move and be wireless since all of the costumes have wearable technology. I talked to the performer and she gave me some pictures of what she wanted for my inspiration.

There was one that specifically stood out to me. It was a cream dress with flowers and tulle draped over. This was what I was going to do. I started to sketch out my idea and looked for bodice patterns online. After I got the dress approved by my teacher and the performer, I started to gather supplies.

Making the dress was not as hard as I had thought. I had found a free pattern online that was just a bit bigger than my performer, so I decided to use that and alter it later. Once I had done the simple things of cutting out the pattern and sewing pieces together, I had to alter it.

It wasn’t very difficult to alter, just the simple measure, pin, and sew. After altering came the actual hard part, sewing the tulle. If you have never sewn tulle before, let me tell you it is not very easy. It is extremely hard to hold together and see and it also rips easily due to it being a mesh material. After a few trials and errors, I had successfully attached the top part of the bodice to the top part of the tulle.

With the other materials, I bought some flowers that were in the same colour scheme that the performer and I had decided on. I hot glued them all on the bodice and skirt of the dress as I drew on my original design. After I glued them on and got some burns in the process, I sewed in some fairy lights with a battery pack placed at the back. All I had left to do was enclose the flowers and lights in with tulle.

During the show, the performer wearing the dress, looked radiant as the lights and the flowers played together. Later I asked her how she felt, and she told me how she felt like a kid, dressing up as a fairy and loved how the style of the dress complimented her style of music.