Second meeting with Mark Williams

July 11, 2017

Today was the first day of true English weather — it was rainy and somewhat chilly, which was very nice after the heat of the previous week. After breakfast, Caleigh and I went back to George Street Social to finish up our papers. I worked on mine until about 11:30, and we headed back to Brasenose to print them out before lunch. Emma and I ate a quick lunch and left to Mark’s house at a little before 1 for our 1:30 tutorial. We immediately noticed that Mark was wearing the same torn green t-shirt that he was wearing the first night we met him, and during our first tutorial. We can’t decide if he just owns a bunch of the exact same shirt, or if he actually wears that shirt every single day. This very casual and relaxed atmosphere made the prospect of reading my essay out loud slightly less intimidating, and the meeting went really well. I read my paper, we had some interesting discussions which involved explaining to Mark Williams the geographic location of Oklahoma, an assertion by Mark that he could easily find his way around an American high school based on the number of television shows he’s watched, and the complete summary, with spoilers, of the plot of Arrival, as well as multiple episodes of Black Mirror. We also did discuss 1984 a little bit, but those were some of the highlights. After our meeting, Emma and I went to the cafe where everyone else was hanging out as they waited for their tutorials. We were sitting under the glass porch, which was really cool when it started raining. I walked back with Justin in the rain, and we went to dinner back at Brasenose. After we ate, Caleigh and I decided to walk to a bookstore that said it was open until 8, only to find that it was not open, and that we had walked all the way there in the rain for nothing. That was the end of another day that was relatively uneventful, but still very enjoyable. I did not take any pictures today, so I just used a picture of the Radcliffe Camera.

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