We are actually not that bad at punting

July 12, 2017

Today, we tried again to do what we were planning to do last Wednesday, which was to take the extended tour of the Bodleian at 9:15. We arrived to find that it was completely sold out, so we decided to think ahead and bought our tickets in advance for next Wednesday. So, hopefully, if everything goes as planned, we will finally be touring the Bodleian next Wednesday morning. It was the same group of us as last week, and we decided to do basically the same thing we did last Wednesday when the tour was cancelled — go to the Ashmolean, this time to see the exhibition of Raphael’s drawings. We didn’t go last time because this exhibition isn’t free like the rest of the museum, but we figured it would be worth it to pay the 6 pounds to get in. It was — we got to see so many incredible drawings, and it was arranged in a way to show the progression in his work. After lunch, Caleigh and I went on a tour of Merton College, which is, debatably, the oldest of the Oxford colleges. According to our tour guide Louis, this honor is not up for debate, so I will believe his unbiased opinion. The tour of Merton includes a tour of the oldest academic library in the world that is still in use. It was beautiful and incredibly cool. The rest of the college was also quite lovely, and the tour was definitely worth it.

A few pictures from Merton College

After we finished with the tour, we decided to try our hand at punting, along with Justin and James. Punting is a form of boating in which a metal pole is used to push against the river bed and propel your boat forward. We had heard mixed reviews about punting from other people in our class, most notably that it was traumatizing and the worst thing ever, so we were a little unsure of how it would go. It actually ended up being really fun, probably because Justin was really good at it, and the rest of us managed to at least keep our boat from spinning in circles. We beat the other group of Americans who were out at the same time as us, mostly because they did not manage to keep themselves from spinning in circles. We only hit a couple of trees and one other boat, so it was pretty decent for a first try at punting.

We went to dinner that night, and that was the end of our day. It was kind of nice to have another day that was packed full of events, since the past few days had been pretty low-key.

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