Working on papers

July 10, 2017

Today we really needed to work on our papers, since our tutorials are on Tuesdays and we had gotten very little done over the past week. I went with Caleigh and Jill back to the George Street Social after breakfast, and we worked on our papers there until lunch. It was a really nice place to get some work done, and we made pretty good progress on our papers. That afternoon, I went shopping with Caleigh. We bought Oxford t-shirts, and I found a shirt at Primark that I liked, but we mostly just looked around. After shopping, I came back to my room and did laundry for the first time, and worked some more on my paper while I was waiting for that to finish. We had a very strange dinner tonight, which involved a quiche and rocket salad (for some reason, British people call arugula “rocket,” which took us a while to figure out), some very mediocre fish, a lot of penne pasta, and a delicious lemon cheesecake. Due to today’s lack of eventfulness, I thought I would describe the food to make this journal entry a bit more substantial. After dinner, I went with Caleigh, Justin, and James to the Lamb and Flag. It was not crowded at all, which is a nice change from the Turf, and we had a really good cider there. That was the end of our day, which was fun, despite the relative lack of activities.

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