7 Tragic Love Stories Portrayed Through Food

Originally published via: Trends on Trends

Who needs all of this mushy Valentine’s Day love stuff when you can taste the tragedy of some of the most iconic love stories in history. These people were so much in love that it hurt, and sometimes even killed them to be apart. Chef David Santos of Louro in New York City never ceases to amaze me. He has constructed a 7-course tasting menu inspired by the most tragic of lovers. The beauty of these relationships (rooted in scandal and heart-break) is fully evident in each dish.

A creative way to spend Valentine’s Day, this menu will be available February 13th-15th. These gorgeous shots by Signe Birck are paired next to an image of the dish’s inspiration couple. Young Leo wins our hearts and our stomachs with a cocoa-cured branzino splattered with red pomegranate pudding. King Pedro of Portugal get’s revenge for his beheaded mistress by ripping out the hearts of her executors — aptly paired with suckling pig and red wine piri jus. Living and dating in New York City is a tragic love story in itself so gear up all of you star-crossed lovers and celebrate Valentine’s Day at Louro.

Andrew Jackson & Rachel Donelson
Oyster: pickled watermelon and caviar

Romeo & Juliet
Cocoa-cured Branzino: pomegranate pudding, basil seed crumble

Heloise & Abelard
Asparagus: egg and truffle

Alexander the Great & Hephaestion
Roasted Salmon: feta curd, walnuts, braised arugula

Shah Jahan & Mumtaz Mahal
Prawn and Banana Curry rice

Ines de Castro & King Pedro 
Suckling Pig: almond puree, confit potato, red wine piri jus

Cleopatra & Mark Anthony
Beer, Figs & Honey

Louro Tragic Lovers Tasting Menu
Food Photography: Signe Birck
Images of Tragic Lovers: Google Images