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We do it in the name of collaboration, open communication, and transparency…and the elimination of the dreaded cubicle! Or so they said.

The cult-like attachment to transparency in the workplace (especially the tech/corporate world) has reached troubling heights. Companies that take a questionable amount of pride in their interior design schemes are common. They boast of glass walls and panoramic windows that mimic the “transparent communication” that is central to the company culture.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for clear, and honest communication — especially in the workplace. …

(That’s French for Hell)

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My first french class was 60 minutes of hell. In my deluded pretensions, I walked into that high school classroom thinking I was a step ahead of everyone else because I could say, “je m’appelle Emily.” That self-assurance was swiftly robbed and replaced with insecurity as soon as the teacher began to call roll…with the expectation that we respond in French.

French roll call was only a preview of what was to come. The entire class was 60 minutes of nonstop French. Not one word of English. There are about 100,000 words in the French language and I knew roughly…

How Online Dating Is a Bit Like a Virtual Box of Chocolates…

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The taboo that used to cloud online dating is dispersing. Since appearing on the market in the 1990s, online dating and dating apps have risen to become one of the most popular forms of meeting mates. I am one of many subjects to partake in this modern love experiment. When I have spoken to friends who have never used one of the many apps or sites out there, they are often eager to know what it’s like.

You might be curious to try the dating app game out for yourself. If you identify as I do (a female looking for…

Growing up, I never would have envisioned community college for myself.

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It is embarrassing to admit that there was a time when I looked down on community college. Now that I have some hindsight, I see how presumptuous that was of me. In my old, simplistic view, going straight to university was just something that one did after high school. Of course, I knew other options like gap years and community college were out there, but I did not think that any of those alternatives could be for me. Had I let myself feel assured that university was in reality, one of many options, I likely would have gone about my…

And Working to Change

If you know me personally, then you know I’m probably running late. The likelihood that you’ve received a text from me along the lines of, “Hi! I am going to be a few minutes late. So sorry!!” is high. Having a tardiness habit is hard to hide from because those around you become the victims of your problem. It’s no secret that I struggle with time management, and have for a long time. Even so, I’ve spent years imprisoned in self-denial. The notion that being late to nearly everything was a problem that I could, and…

A Short Story

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The other day I sat down to write. As soon as my fingers hit the keyboard, I was interrupted by a knock. Before reaching the door to open it myself, a group of three, ominous characters came tumbling into my small apartment — uninvited and unannounced. I let out a groan. Their appearance came as no surprise and meant only one thing.

I call them the Procrastination League. Their ringleader disgusts me most: Writer’s Block. He was surrounded by his posse of sidekicks, Crippling Anxiety and Self Doubt.

Trying to remain composed, I kindly asked them to leave. Predictably, this…

Here’s How You Can Too

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I love studying languages. But it was not until reaching adulthood that I felt comfortable navigating life in a language other than English. Below are a few of the things that were not obvious to me from the get-go, but that helped me to make to jump to fluency. I hope they help you, too.

Make It a Lifestyle
For most of us, becoming fluent in a new language is a long-term project. Since you’re going to be in this thing for the foreseeable future, you may as well incorporate the language you’re learning into everyday life. Even when you’re not…

Why Writing Every Day Is A Game Changer

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Chances are, you’ve seen the advice before. There is nothing novel about the idea, and yet it took me 25 years to finally give it a go. I recently made the decision to write every day for at least half an hour. Keeping this promise has been surprisingly easy and extremely rewarding. I thought it might be useful to compile some of the benefits I’ve noticed in the hopes of further solidifying the habit, and also perhaps persuading you to pick it up, too. …

One Year Later

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I don’t know why Anthony Bourdain’s death rattled me as intensely as it did. Like most people, I had seen his most popular show, Parts Unknown. But beyond the occasional episode watched here and there, the chef occupied a minimal part of my life. If you had asked me a year ago, I likely could not have even named one of his books. But when news of his suicide broke last summer, my first instinct was to grieve as if I had lost someone close to me. The reaction struck me as odd, seeing as I had not been anything…

I’m not talking about the lack of diversity among engineers.

That is not to say that isn’t a problem, too, because it is. It’s just not where my anecdotal experience lies.

I’m talking rather, about the gross lack of diversity in HR, specifically recruiting. In my time as a recruiter, the culture that surrounded me often felt antiquated — not far off from Mad Men’s portrayal of Sterling Cooper.

Half of my floor was made up of engineering, and the other half was taken up by recruiting. The women’s restroom was on the engineering side and the men’s on the…

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