The Internet can be a space to express individuality and creativity. The work that has been produced due to the exponential possibilities of the Internet can be beneficial for society or prove to be damaging. Reddit is a forum where people go to see what others have found, allows users to post anything they want. The problem is that when you have everything in a site, things get weird because humans are weird and Reddit changes to suit you. Aside from the philanthropic and genuinely nice things Reddit users do, there are a lot of degrading pictures and comments, especially towards women. It sickens me to see men say these things online and post these horrendous pictures. I know the freedom of speech allows people to say whatever they want but what many of Reddit users do is disgusting. With all of this technology at our dispense, a group of users can gain a following and transform different aspects of society. Girls are especially vulnerable to this, considering everything they hear, especially from boys effects them in some way. Girls get cyber-bullied and they become targeted because they put up a certain picture that now every one can see and judge anonymously. The Internet and anonymity have created a culture for girls growing up, telling them how to act and look. The event where a group of Reddit users got a bunch of Justin Bieber fans to cut their wrists shows just how easily people can be swayed and what their main focus is on. A lot of their priorities are not in the same order than they used to be in previous years.

Not only is the way we view others has changed, but our conversations have changed drastically. In the 1990’s, everyone watched TV and talked “general American” English. Every one had the same information being directed to them and culture was drastically more constant. Now, people find their own niche markets and develop communities with others who share similar interests. These communities foster their own language. The overlaying technological community of kids around my age has come up with text slang and phrases that the older generations do not really understand. It is depressing when you write an email to your professor or maybe even a family member and you have to think about how to spell everything out and write formally. These texting phrases have even been integrated in spoken conversation, with kids saying LOL (literally out loud) or ‘hashtag’. To keep up with my generation, society, like the entertainment industry has been trying to use these words as well. Even the Merriam Webster dictionary added words like ‘selfie’ and ‘jealy’ (A in depth and very scary list of new words added). We are becoming more and more segmented with our groups of people as well as our spoken language. In 20 years I wonder how we will communicate with every one. Would we even speak face to face and carry out an intelligent conversation?

Video of regional slang — Being from New York, when I came to school, people made fun of my ‘accent’. I say ‘coffee’ and ‘reeses pieces’ differently than NH/Mass kids. However, people here say things I have never heard of in my entire life. My first couple days people all throughout Durham kept saying ‘wicked’, ‘jimmies’ and the ‘bubbler’. I had no idea what those things were-or meant, I just thought they were weird. I would have fights with people pertaining to the correct pronunciation of certain words. The way I said things and they said things separated us and people were easily identifiable due to how they spoke.

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