My Understanding of Reality

A midnight rambling

I've come to the realisation that I talk/think about my thought processes and behaviour so much because although I can't always understand or explain them, I cannot be wrong about my own subjective experience.

Not being wrong is gratifying!

Most people are in tune with our emotions and most of us can agree on aspects of emotions like cognitions (i.e., how we think) and physiological reactions (e.g., heart beat, sinking feeling in stomach).
But who is to say we are all experiencing the exact same combination of things at the same intensity? How I feel when I call myself frustrated others may call anger.

It's a purely speculative argument, but to me it seems like the only reality is my own experience of myself as a conscious being. We all exist in our own realities, and that, I believe, is why it's so important to try and understand other people. We don't have to agree with everyone and their beliefs (including this one!) but we could try to be a more open-minded society.