Broadcasting to hundreds of people?!?!

This week, as part of my ‘Journalism Technologies’ module, we learnt all about Facebook Live. When those words were first sprung upon me, my heart skipped about 4 beats. Luckily, there’s an ‘Only Me’ option, which means I didn’t have to broadcast my day to over 800 people (thanks Facebook).

I was pretty impressed by how easy it was to set up, all I had to do was click ‘Live’ in the top left of my newsfeed on the app, and there I was staring back at myself.

It also let me describe my live video, so if I was to broadcast to hundreds of people, I could at least caption it, so they’d know what they’d be letting themselves in for. It also features some filters, so you can make yourself look a bit more presentable. There’s a colouring in tool as well, which is fun to use on your mates when they’re least expecting it.

Facebook Live is extremely useful for those who want to broadcast their day to potentially thousands (depending on how popular you are on Facebook) on the go, or share one of your favourite memories easily with some of your closest friends — there’s even an option to save what you’ve recorded, so you can watch it back at a later time. I’d say my experience was a successful one, and I’ll definitely be using it in the future.