Transitioning into the real world

I’ve been living away from home for just over a month now, and somehow, I’ve survived.

In saying this, I’ve moved 20 minutes away from my family home, done one load of washing by myself, and I’m yet to make a meal from scratch.

However, moving into accommodation was by far the best move I could have made. Despite the fact that when I moved in my room was infested by spiders and my water was brown, I’ve met some fantastic people (and had some fantastic nights out).

As for the university experience itself, I’m really enjoying it. With there only being 12 of us on the Broadcast Journalism course, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty quickly and I’m excited to see what the next 3 years with them bring. I love the practical side of the course, but lugging the camera equipment around town is more tiring than I thought (sorry, I’m lazy). I’ve even taken up a shorthand course in my spare time (how keen am I?!) but after my first hour long session, I can honestly say I feel like I’m learning gibberish. It makes no sense. At all. But I’m sure with some practice I’ll get there. Maybe.