Please Stop Asking Me to Empathize With Trump Supporters

When I met my ex-husband he was a Regan loving Republican who’s Father became a Tea-Partier. By the time we divorced 11 years later he was ready to spend my winter break Occupying in New York

When I met my current boyfriend 4 years ago he didn’t care about politics much at all, but he fell in love with Bernie and spent most of 11/9 trying to explain to people how much they had screwed up.

It took that long. Years and years. At first my ex didn’t notice the change until he started taking my side against his dad. I don’t think he ever realized I was what influenced him. My boyfriend mansplains to me all the time. I tell him about things I’ve read and later he repeats them to me starting with, “Did you know…” It’s regrettable that he does that, but I take a bit of secret pleasure in knowing that he internalizes my opinions.

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