The Three Secrets for the Best Scrambled Eggs of Your Life

I love knowing how to make simple food fantastically. I’ve made awful scrambled eggs my whole life. I keep making them, thinking I’ll somehow find the secret in our terrible weekend breakfasts (besides Scott’s Saturday Pancakes).

I should have known the answer would come from Nathan Milner.

He eats eggs like Gaston. I’m being serious.

When we visited Nathan and Mandy over Memorial Day, Nathan made us eggs and I was in love. I requested them every morning for breakfast for the rest of our time. And then I made him write out exactly how he makes them.

I was doing exactly three things wrong.

First, get your eggs ready.

Secret Number One: Add a little water to your eggs instead of milk. I’ve been using milk my entire life. It’s out the window.

Whisk your eggs.

Get your large skillet you hilariously asked for on your wedding registry ready with cooking spray because your normal pan is in the dishwasher. Let it get warm on medium heat (no higher).

Pour in the eggs and water mixture.

Secret Number Two: Don’t over scramble your eggs. What I mean by that is, only push the eggs around to make large scrambles instead of tiny scrambles. Tiny scrambles dry the eggs out.

If you want to add cheese, add it when the eggs are still somewhat liquid-y. I normally take the eggs off of the heat at this point.

Secret Number Three: Add your salt and seasoning AFTER the eggs are on the plate. If you do this before, it dries out your eggs. I’m all about the Gordon Ramsay seasoning way of life. Let’s describe it as aggressive and often. Not so with eggs.

Welcome to fluffy pillows of the eggs of your dreams.

Originally published at on June 19, 2015.

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