There’s a fairly ubiquitous college girl outfit in the north east United States. The outfit consists of black yoga pants, tan Ugg-style boots, a black Northface jacket, and (optionally) a Starbucks cup in-hand. The outfit isn’t bad, but it lacks in practicality.

Layering becomes one of the most valuable skill sets an adult can have in a winter climate. It’s the morning and evening walks to and from my house that I’m the most bundled up. Women whose commutes involve 5+ minutes of walking have a fluid mastery of winter layers. …

Fact: a smile face is heavier than a neutral face.

A Venn diagram was probably one of the first introductions you received to the mathematical field of logic. This particular type of diagram shows all possible logical relations between a finite collection of data sets.

The Venn diagrams you constructed in school were likely boring and inane. Nothing about the overlap between the characteristics of your classmates’ shoes, or characters in a piece of literature retains any interest.

I decided to fix the boring nature of Venn diagrams. This is the best possible use of my college mathematics courses — possibly better than the mathematics minor.

If you don’t want to, or can’t, go out, it’s only polite to offer up a reason.

Between school, work, and half-baked brunch plans, we’ve all needed to, at one time or another, wriggle out of an obligation. Regardless of whether the cancellation is legitimate or flaky, it is sometimes necessary to justify one’s absence. The ‘Sorry, I’m sick,’ and ‘Family emergency’ excuses are so overused that despite any possible truth behind the justification, it invites doubt. A little creativity goes a long way towards smoothing over potential issues. The reasons listed below can be applied to almost any situation…

Emily Dreisbach

Born & raised New Yorker. Boston accented. Salsa-obsessed. Freelancer, proletariat.

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