Interaction Design- App Prototype

For this project, I designed an app intended to aid scientists (and fishermen) by providing information about the water quality of the Puget Sound. After choosing my intended user, I created the idea for the app, sketched out the interface, and uploaded these pictures onto POP to create the app prototype.

This is the process flow I sketched out to help me create the links I needed to navigate through the app.

The provided statistics in the app of water quality levels help scientists get more data about the water from the previous week/month/etc. This data will come from the users (likely fishermen) who input the stats they recorded. The fishermen are also provided with daily stats and pictures, so they can see what the Sound will be like that day, and there is a reward system to win discounted bait after a certain number of entries.

Here are the sketched interface designs for each screen used in my POP-created app prototype.

My app, The Sound Stats, can be previewed here.


After completing this assignment, I began to think about professionals who design apps, wondering what mediums they use to create prototypes of their inventions and if they take the time to sketch out every single detail of their intended app to really show audiences what the app will be. Do they electronically create their sketches? Or do they do it all by hand?

One problem I encountered through this process was becoming stuck on the one idea I originally came up with, the idea that I used for the app. I was trying to brainstorm other possible app functions, but everything kept coming back to what I had created. I think to improve on this I should work on the ideation process for more time before getting attached to one idea.

One thing I really enjoyed about this project was finding out a program like POP existed to help create prototypes and explain ideas through visualization and actually experiencing a rough model of the app. I don’t know that POP will be useful to me again in the near future, but now I know that if I ever want to make an app, this program will allow me to test out its functions to see if it will work before going into the creation process.