Why Write?

Writing is more than about inspiring someone or telling someone your life story. Writing is sharing your ideas in a network of so many other different creations that you can feel part of a community that feels just like you do about writing for others.

Everyone has their passions, whether it be fashion, travelling, reading, art. And everyone deserves to have their say on each of these matters. So I want to start getting my own ideas out there. Reading page after page might be helping myself, but what do I have to offer people? That’s what I want to find out.

Imagination, creation and millions of thoughts and ideas. That is what writing is made up of. How many times have you come across a novel or a poem where there is another exactly the same? That’s the thing, you haven’t because everyone’s imagination is so different that ideas vary in ways that we wouldn’t have even thought to think of.

Creative writing is one of those things that you dread in school. The thought of someone judging what you write about or not being able to understand what unique thought you have created is scary. But in the end you should embrace every opportunity you get to explore your imagination to its deepest and darkest crevices and just put it out there!

I know it is easier said than done. I used to write story after story when I was younger. I explored the fantasy of historic princesses breaking free from society and living a life that was free of expectations. But even when this idea developed into understanding the history of feminism I lost the ability to openly want to express my imagination. I became less confident in what I was writing and creative writing never really seemed to be an option. But then I had to write a dramatic monologue for my university assignment and it was the most satisfying feeling when I received my grade and feedback. I had actually written something that was good. My imagination had created something that someone had enjoyed reading.

Along with this, exploring the idea of working in the literature industry was the encouragement I needed to start writing a bit more. I have read novel after novel all my life, written short stories and poems here and there so why not try my own thing now?

Practice makes perfect right?

So here I am willing to write and write and explore the ideas that I want to; allow my thoughts and imagination to have their own realm, and enjoy putting my creations out there for whoever is willing to read