4 Reasons Why Our Parents Had Kids

Let’s not kid our post-modern selves — we want (or don’t want) children for completely different reasons than our baby-boomer parents did. Here’s my take on 4 Reason Why Our Parents Had Kids.

1. To Pass on the Family Name

I’ll admit, the last name of West is a pretty legit, especially for an aspiring author self. But beneath that was my parents want to pass on the family name.

2. Free Manual Labor

This may sound a bit extreme, BUT a good chunk of baby-boomer parents had kids because they knew at one point or another, that investment of genetic material would eventually payoff in labor dividends. I was put to work as soon as I could walk and form full sentences — raking leaves in the yard, feeding the dog/cat, washing dishes, folding laundry and eventually helping build a barn, redo the house roof, and pay my own way through college.

3. Fulfill a Cultural Expectation

To be a woman without having a child is almost a misnomer. Can a woman fully be a woman without pushing another human out of their vagina? I hope so, because I don’t plan on crossing that bridge anytime soon. However, most of our mothers were expected to have kids (I’d say this expectation is still in effect, but not as dominating as our parents generation). Womanhood wasn’t manifested until another human was created in your womb.

4. It’s Natural

The last reason is because it is the natural progression of life. Humans peak sexually in their mid-late 20′s, so its natural to have a child at that point and those that don’t aren’t exercising their most basic human right — sexual reproduction.

How many of these reasons are also yours for having children?

Why do people have children now? Are these reasons actually different than the reasons of our parents’?

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