How to Use Facebook’s New Privacy Feature to Manage Your Data

Emily Johnson
Aug 27 · 2 min read

After getting surrounded by controversies, the billion-dollar company Facebook has now introduced a new privacy feature for its users. The feature will let you analyze and manage data from sites and apps within the platform. The app is known as Off-Facebook Activity, and it will allow you to control the information that third-party apps can gain from your account. For example, if you search for iPhone 11, then Facebook would know about it and would show you ads related to it.

Facebook’s New Privacy Feature

However, with the said new feature, you can disconnect any kind of information Facebook shares with third-party apps, resulting in the targeted ads stopping. There will also be an update in the ad library, “Why am I seeing this ad?” for Facebook. Also, there is a feature named “Why am I seeing this post?” getting added. The option will help you manage your news feed from friends, groups, and pages posts.

The feature is currently available in South Korea, Spain, and Ireland but will be made publically available within the year.

Here is everything known about the feature:

1. How will the feature work?

With the use of business tools of Facebook, you will be able to track and control the information sites, and apps have gained from your Facebook account. You can thereby remove any information you do not wish to share by turning off Facebook activity from the account. This will be available for every app and website.

To activate the feature after it is available:

● Open the Settings tab.

● Go to Facebook information.

● Choose Off-Facebook activity.

You will be able to turn off every activity from your account from thereon.

2. What happens after you switch off the activities?

After switching off the Facebook activities, all the data received by websites and apps will be removed. Which means that you would no longer receive targeted ads on your account.

However, this does not mean that the information will be deleted.

3. What can be done as of now?

To control ads on your account:

● Open the Settings tab.

● Go to Ad Preferences.

● Choose Businesses and Advertisers of your choice.

You can also close the ads from partners and company products by going to Ad settings and turning it off. However, this would not result in your data getting deleted completely. The number of ads presented to you will remain the same as well. However, all this is expected to change after the Off-Facebook Activity option rolls out.

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