Which music should I listen to when writing an essay?

Can you imagine your day without music? I can’t. I can listen to music everywhere: in the streets, on my way to the university, at home,
at the shop and in the parks, especially when I’m studying.
Music helped me at school and helps me to do my homework at the university now.
I prefer listening to music when I’m writing an essay, doing homework or writing another blogpost for my blog OmniPapers.com.

Music helps me to relax my mind which enables me to concentrate better. It soothes me and helps to focus on my work.

There are many types of music which helps set your mind to the study mode. Music with vocals is distracting me,
while instrumental music might actually help my performance. That’s why I choose classical music.
It works amazing for my mind.
Usually I’m listening music at this site streema.com or c-h-i-ll.com, it depends on my mood.

And what music to you listen to while writing an essay or doing your homework? ☺

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