Parallel Universe — Telling Eyes

You can tell how much somebody has seen in this world. You can see it in their eyes. The way they sparkle amongst beauty, the way they darken amongst fear. Like a trailer to a movie, a blurb to a book, our eyes give bits of us away, whispering secrets, telling stories.

Michael’s cousin has the most beautiful eyes. He is no longer just a wonderful baby, he is a wonderful person (albeit still a little one), already somebody who has experienced some of the most precious parts of this planet. His eyes reflect the overwhelming love he has received from each one of us, they mirror the joy that he brings. And as he gets older they have begun to open wider, ready to let in as much as possible, to see everything that is to be seen.

The moment he took his first steps, eyes were full of tears and cheering filled the room. The moment he started laughing, that was all that followed. It was peaceful and yet the loudest thing. Just like knowing how much power this little boy held over us all. He was innocence and potential, sweetness and passion, he was everything that was beautiful and everything that was right.

And when he first said Michael’s name and then he said mine, I knew that my eyes were a little bigger, a little wiser, having seen a little more of this world. He wasn’t a place to be seen or a song to be heard, an ocean to be swam in or a mountain to climb. He was more than that. Michael’s little baby cousin was a moment, for all of us, one that we would always have.

Big grin, small fingers, infinite curiosity.

He is our family.

And he has the most beautiful telling eyes.

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