And, what’s going on now is not working or good enough. I can’t wait anymore
I will be honest, this line was not in my first draft.
Sam McKenzie Jr.

This piece has got me reading it over and over. It’s getting right to the heart of the matter. If racism and its impacts are so abhorrent to the point that it is essentially genocide, then people in power and the rest of us white folk would do everything we could to stamp it out using all tools at our disposal. But, as you say so clearly, “America only thinks racism is mean and inconvenient”. Oh I see/feel this so clearly in white circles even though it’s not being said — it’s either, “oh that’s horrible” and then nothing else is said or done or “so what else happened?” as if the circumstances might explain why the victim was victimized. Or it’s just not addressed at all. It’s just passed by as an inconvenient truth. There are so many highlights in this piece, but this one: “Let’s see racism as a form of child abuse, brainwashing and mental illness” hits the nail on the head. And as I was reading I said “a cult.” Being white in white culture is like being in a cult; I’m just starting to realize this. There are myths and legends and stories that undergird racism just like in a cult; there are silent rules and understandings just like in a cult; and, there is the threat of ridicule or expulsion if I break with the rules. All of this was fed to us from the second we were born. And we white people can’t even see it for what it is. Sam, the work you are doing is incredible. You are leading this heart and mind (and undoubtedly many more) toward a new way of understanding and being. Thank you!