Migration Stories from the 2016 Salzburg Academy

This multimedia essay features eight different migration stories from participants in the 2016 Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. We highlighted the importance of personal artifacts as components of one’s identity and one’s migratory patterns. Click on the links below to see the full stories!

(MY)GRATION • Things of Value

Sometimes the best stories about migration start with a telling detail. What are the objects that migrants hold dear?

(MY)GRATION • A Stapled Passport

Passing through ports has shattered my sense of home. Learn how mobility has shaped my life.

(MY)GRATION • 2 GB Phone

There is more to a phone than just absent minded tasks. Learn how I use it.

(MY)GRATION • The Traveling Finjal

The bitterness and sweetness of coffee has comforted me throughout my travels. Hear my story and connect with its essence.

(MY)GRATION • The Kintsugi Monk

The beautiful Japanese art form of Kintsugi mended the monk. The process symbolizes how I reassembled my cultural identity.

(MY)GRATION • Kicking Keds

Dance is its own language and it brings its own pure joy. Watch my feet say what I cannot.

(MY)GRATION • Love Letters

Two people, eight letters, four countries and thirty-two years of love. Join me and travel through this love story.

(MY)GRATION • A Link to the Past

Ancestors I never met connected me with family I didn’t know I had. Come and meet them.

(MY)GRATION • When Harry Met Sofie

Fantasy helps ease the hardships of reality. Learn how Harry met Sofie.

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