What to ask before you accept a job offer

After leading marketing and exposing the gender equity gap while at Carta, and recently filing a lawsuit against the company alleging unequal pay and gender discrimination, I’m determined to help candidates better understand compensation. This post is the first in a series to help startup employees understand compensation from Help Wanted Project — we offer free salary and equity reviews.

Understanding a new job opportunity and offer should be a straightforward process for candidates, unfortunately, it is far from it. You are selling yourself short if you simply evaluate the offer against your current salary. Instead, you need to make…

My experience as Carta’s lone woman executive

Today, I filed a lawsuit against Carta. My suit alleges claims for gender discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination in violation of public policy, violation of the California Equal Pay Act, and failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent discrimination, retaliation, and harassment. I am represented by Sharon Vinick of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP — an attorney who has devoted her career to championing the rights of women and was the first attorney to file a suit challenging the NFL’s disgraceful failure to pay cheerleaders fair pay for their work.

It’s become increasingly clear that “mission-driven” Silicon Valley companies are…

Emily Kramer

Founder of mkt1.co and Help Wanted Project. Former Head of Marketing Carta & Asana.

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