Spare Time

I had written a nice post on Spare Time. But evidently during the recent Blogger outage, I lost it. Blogger had claimed they would restore the post but I guess not. So here’s an attempt to recreate the post . . .

But in ten colorful bullets. =]

  • Spare time exists. Really.
  • No one works all the time. It’s not expected. And I think it’s impossible to work all the time.
  • Spare time is any time spent not being productive: interweb browsing, facebooking, youtubing, relaxing at a park, watching a movie, other forms of procrastination, etc.
  • I sometimes get mad at people’s excuses for not having time to hang out. But I shouldn’t be mad at them. What I find fun may not be fun to them and vice versa.
  • People spend their spare time differently.
  • It is only a problem when people are unintentionally wasting their spare time. I’m guilty of spending my spare time unintentionally — I’m on youtube all the time . . .
  • Think back to all the things you did today. Was what you did all productive? See, spare time exist. You can’t deny it.
  • Imagine you could harvest that spare time into one time block. And then, intentionally spend it. You’d be a master of time!
  • So next time you think you don’t have time for something, ask yourself: do you really not have time?
  • What I’m trying to say is that spare time exist. Take advantage of it and spend it intentionally.

(In the original post, each bullet point was a different color. However, medium doesn’t allow for color editing . . .)

Originally published at on May 16, 2011.

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