3 Things You Should Do If Your Job is Hurting Your Creativity

I love creative writing. I used to write a lot. I love writing so much, I took a job in business communications doing both writing and editing.

However, my position began to change my writing style to fit the voice of our company. Months later, I feel paralyzed when I sit to write for fun.

Trying to get overcome my immobility, I’ve been practicing three things:

1. Get your business editing etiquette out of your head
It’s hard to let your imagination run wild when you‘re used to being the voice of a company. Continue writing. Eventually you’ll be able to think in your own voice rather than your company’s.

2. Flex your creativity
Practice makes perfect. Most sports take many months of daily practice to see improvement and years to become an expert. Even experts must practice daily to stay in shape. So it is with writing.

Set goals for yourself. Challenge yourself to write 50 words every day for a week. Then 200. Then 500. Then 1,000. Write movie reviews. Write love letters to your future spouse. Write from your dog’s perspective.

The more you flex your creativity, the easier it will come to you, even if you spend eight hours a day writing and editing business communications.

3. Publish
Even if you don’t feel it’s your best work, get it out there. The benefit of sharing your work is that you get the encouragement, constructive criticism, and input from other creative minds that you may not be getting at work.