Mustache and More

We’ve been flying through quite a bit of material over the past few days, and — to be perfectly honest — I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Been reflecting back appreciatively on that prophetic video we watched Monday on our Brain’s API, and have found myself repeating the line “confusion is a sign that you’re about to learn something” over and over in my head.

Today we spent more time working in Node using a few new package managers — including ‘express’, ‘mustache’ (named for its curly-brace {{ }} formatting and not, presumably, because it was the creation of a hipster), ‘body-parser’, and ‘express-validator’. We’re definitely adding on the layers VERY quickly but I’m still feeling pretty shaky on some of the concepts. Just going to keep pushing ahead and practicing as much as possible until I can get them to stick. I’m determined to get there, but any spare words/thoughts of encouragement you could send my way would be hugely appreciated!

I still have quite a bit of work to do on my daily and weekly projects, so intentionally keeping this brief today. Instead of a lengthy goodbye, will leave you with the adorable libuv logo.

Isn’t it cute?

Song of the day: “Strangest Thing” by The War on Drugs