Weekly Project: Weekend Edition

This week’s project combines our learning from the past three weeks to culminate in a deliverable that incorporates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a very basic calculator — we’re not quite at the TI-83 level. Yes, I’m dating myself.

I approached the project first through HTML to create a bit of body and structure for the app, and then swiftly moved to CSS (because it was hard to stay excited about a one-dimensional calculator that was non-functioning AND hideous).

My first stab at the HTML

I just started on the JavaScript component of the project and still have a long way to go on that front, but at least have been able to assign values to the numerical buttons and connect them with the screen.

JS code start

Here’s where I am with the browser view at the moment:

Tomorrow, I’m going to try to create a function to clear the calculator and another to evaluate the input operations so that this thing can actually be functional/useful.