A Firm believer of swimming

I’ll always be a firm believer of sports, the magical powers that invigorates, empowers, transitions, and heals. Extremely thankful for the light dip in the pool after one day of intense studying to clear my mind, the water was crisp and comfortable, with the gentle breeze and perfect 25 degrees weather accompanied by the slightly clouded sky and setting sun. In a brief 40 minute 2 kilometer swim, you transform with the fusion of the water, of the energy you get from focusing ahead and being in harmony with your physical strength and mental concentration, of the total relaxation from cooling down and letting your mind roam with all possibilities, from enjoying the sun setting into the clear water bay of the most beautiful waters of HKUST. I’m truly grateful.

I enjoyed my self prepared meal after the swim, it was the best feeling ever, having a light dinner and feeling completely transformed. I felt light and invigorated, I felt comfortable and at peace with my state of mind, and very ready for further studies and better concentration. Swimming is the best break, it is my first love in sports, and will accompany me in future endeavors. Extremely thankful for my lifelong companion.

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