Finals week ritual, roundups, and anticipations

Mode of living the final examinations week is simple, it’s light exercise (swimming 2.K today haha) in the morning, enjoying a self prepared breakfast, studying in the library, an then eating lunch with friends. Then comes the afternoon revisions, preparing my dinner at the dorms, having a light swim at the pool, and then going back to the library to study and returning to dorms. In this ritual, you find discipline, peace, and joy in consistency and balance of life, and although there’s nothing exciting or special, I feel great in finding balance when working towards a goal, and anticipating my flight back home :)

I guess the Global Business interview rounds up the semester, and I am extremely grateful in taking part. I feel that this consistent goal of getting into the program has guided me in the past two semesters, no matter in academic pursuits of working rigorously and consistently; or extracurricular activities-in developing my soft skills-interpersonal skills within clubs or collaborations with other students societies; or presentation and articulation skills in the Case Analysis team. Very thankful that these goals and actions accompanied throughout the semester, getting me to the last part of the journey, after participating in interviews the only focus now is to concentrate on finals, and with consistency-grit, perseverance, and hard work- which I enjoy in my study week ritual, I believe that I can do it.

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