Grateful for the beauty of nature, and a great companion

Exploring nature is a blessing, being able to share our gratefulness of the grandiose of mountains, the peacefulness in our hearts, and our day to day reflections with a friend whom you can trust and share everything about- is a little bit of heaven. I’m truly thankful for meeting Heddy in my Environment class, we have the same love for nature, the simplest hikes around Hong Kong gives us the greatest pleasure and gratitude. Having strict working ethics and a love for endurance sports, we both wake up at 6 am in the morning and do our morning rituals (she gets up earlier than me haha, extreme of extremes I’d say); I run for about 4.5~12 Kilometers adhering to how I feel or what I planned for the day, and Heddy also runs her own running programs. But what that bonded us was not our similarities in strict working ethics of rigorous studies, sports practices, or early waking times, it was actually the great non-stop conversations on reflections of our day to day interactions with people and culture, of our gratefulness in the simplest dimensions of life-appreciating our families for supporting us all the way as we both live away from home; our gratitude for the beauty of nature; our passion for hiking and exploring nature; and our reflections in adjusting our paces and lifestyles in the rigorous academics and working schedules we have in HKUST. Glad that I have someone whom I trust wholeheartedly and push me to reflect, think, and articulate my gratefulness and fears in words and actually tell it to someone, I tend to be a reflective but conservative person, I reflect and write it down with words, yet I rarely share my deepest thoughts even with my closest friends, I tell them part of the picture, and leave the rest to myself. Glad that I’m pushing my own boundaries in sharing and reflecting, in the process of putting down barriers in communicating what you feel, you actually feel a lot better by letting love in and giving it out-the greatest feeling in human interactions.

We started our hike early, met at 6:15 am straight and started our hike in Sai Kung, it wasn’t a challenging hike, the view was gorgeous but I guess it was the appreciation we have for the simplest things in nature, the chirping of the birds, the slightly challenging stairs up the mountain, the beautiful bay view, and the kind people we meet, that made the two of us extremely grateful even in the simplest of hikes. Finished our hike around 9:30am, and returned to HKUST before 10:30am. An early start of the day with an invigorating hike and meaningful conversations really made this a positive start of all dimensions in weekly endeavors, look forward to all the future hikes we plan on the weekends, glad that I have such a great companion with a love of nature!

If two people share as much in passion and values, a depth of feeling can develop, a kind of melding of minds and lives that is worth a lifetime’s close friendship.

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