Summer reflections-July

Morning jogs and afternoon swims have served as pillars of invigoration and discipline in these weeks of holiday mode in Taiwan. I am filled with gratefulness of how thankful I am to start the day early full of energy through my daily jogs, to be able to watch the city slowly wake up and whisk through the most beautiful parts of the city covered in greens with ease and energy.

Really glad that I got to send this message of vigor and discipline to Mom and Dad, they are both early risers, and I’m truly glad that they’ve slowly obtained the habit of starting the day with exercise as well. Today as I was starting my morning jog at 5:35am in the morning, Mom already went out, and Dad was preparing for his morning jog as well. Both of them started out as non-runners, both reluctant to step out into the open as they thought running in the gym would be enough, but I’m extremely glad that they both run short distances of about 4 kilometers in the beautiful MOFA-calligraphy pathway in the morning with encouragement. Being out in the open air, looking around at the people and the community all around you is a beautiful experience, your path could be similar every morning, but the people and the scenery blessed in front of you is different and beautiful in their own way every day.

I’ve always enjoyed the moments of solidarity and peacefulness after a nice afternoon swim, of complete reflection and relaxation and a sense of being renewed. Your day casted back, your personal values reflected, and future to-dos thought through- a sense of purpose casted upon you and looking forward to the next activity.

After this one year of university, met a few classmates from high school and university in the summer break. Some study pathways are altered, most are thriving in their own discipline, and perceptible changes happen in a very short period of time. Looking back, I never thought that I would be the person I am now one year before. I’ve written about this in another reflection, yet looking at the study pathways of my peers, sometimes I’m just surprised at the huge changes that happen in one short year. School changes, career choices, personal developments change drastically, and I think to cherish the friendships that I have at the moment is the most important. A simple meal to throwback the year, a friendly conversation through a cup of tea, or a postcard to wish friends the best are small moments of joys in life. Meaningful and beautiful human relationships are to be cherished, link up some old friends that you do want to meet, let love in and give it out.

Getting prepared for onboarding as PT course facilitator for FCA is a fun yet bit challenging process. It made me realize how a fast moving, energetic, and educational startup that does generate good revenue operates, from the initial interviews-straight from the CEO, visiting the Hong Kong and Taiwan offices, going through skype call trainings, taking in new coding contents, and meeting with course facilitators and students. Teaching has always been something special to me, the calling for teaching was cultivated from the sense of gratification and reward from successfully taught peers and enjoying the attention from students on stage, and also from being able to interact and share. Mom’s profession as a university professor also inspired me on how flexible and rewarding it can be on conducting your own research and interacting with students. When I had the chance to serve as course facilitator-even though on a distant topic for business students-yes coding-after having a bit of experience in self learning I decided to sign up, and the whole journey of interviews, communicating with the team, and actually taking in trainings and teaching has been a huge part of personal growth.

Met up with Guitar and Jenn at Stella yesterday, and through our afternoon chat we explored our semester and summer reflections on overseas experiences and future plans. With Jennifer comparing her lifestyles in the US (heavy yet rewarding courses, hectic library lifestyle, social life) and her life in France, it got me to reflect on what kind of culture and lifestyle I want to explore in my exchange year. Adding on Guitar’s summer travels in UK, Italy, and Spain, I was introduced to how the Europeans put emphasis on “living” rather than working, on pacing their lifestyles in exploring nature, cooking, spending time with family, and enjoying their slow-paces because there’s so much to look at in culture and nature. Being stimulated in different cultures, getting to know the people and language, combining it with present tasks and passions, we explore and find out how we want to live, and plan for what we search for.