Image from Pexels


Seven billion bodies of stardust.

Seven billion stories.

Seven billion we hope we can trust.

Seven billion in separate territories.

One life to live.

One life to do it right.

One life to get and give.

One life to pick battles to fight.

Seven billion ‘one life to lives’.

Seven billion ideas and minds.

Seven billion dreams and objectives

Seven billion reasons to put up your blinds.

Interconnected yet woefully alone,

The seven billion all make it work.

I can contact them all through my cell phone

Because seven billion lives are in one network.

Fantastic and small, we are astounding.

Sometimes terrible and harmful, we are lost.

But when you hear the bell towers resounding,

They sing the songs of those brought in from the frost.

Seven billion, most trying their best.

We were born of the stars and live through the earth.

Seven billion put to the greatest test,

How to survive after our moment of birth.