Mattress Toppers Explained to Their Fullest

I always wonder what actually mattress topper is?

Very easy to define and explain, a cushioned comfort layer added on top of the mattress to increase its longevity, comfort and support. Mattress toppers are just like icing on top of a cake. They simply rest on the surface of the mattress or can be held in place with elastic band corners.

Why use a Mattress toppers?

Many a times mattress toppers are used to make up for a bed that may be too soft or too firm to sleep or might be used to extend the life of a mattress that on away to be uncomfortable. A topper can create an unsuitable bed into a bearable luxury or in other words it’s a short-term fix or an inexpensive way to make your bed comfortable.

When to use topper?

Before getting a mattress topper be sure with the condition of your mattress. If the core condition of your mattress is ruined than a topper can’t do enough good to it. Mattress topper tends to benefit hard and firm mattress by turning them into really comfort luxury. A mattress pad can be used over a softer, worn out or a sagging mattress and will provide you with temporary comfort. They are designed to create a softer surface to sleep on.

Benefits a mattress topper can do

A mattress topper basically serves two major function increase the longevity of the mattress and secondly, adds comfort to your bed. Excellent way to enhance the life of mattress and to set up a comfort layer for you to sleep.

Increase endurance of mattress, means it fights three major mattress destructing factors. Firstly, absorbs all the moisture released by the body throughout night and hinder it to reach the mattress. Secondly, it helps to keep dust mites, bacteria and dead skin away from mattress which causes many allergies. And thirdly, it allows to settle the sags in the mattress and gives a drastic change. If a mattress topper is compressed due to heavy body weight it can be replaced by not effecting your mattress.

A mattress topper provides an additional layer of comfort over the mattress which takes all your body weight and reduce the risk of mattress compression. A topper can be flipped, rotated or changed if compressed. It’s simply an extra layer of pliable and supple layer of comfort.

Types of mattress toppers

The racks of bedding stores and catalogues of online stores are filled up with various mattress toppers.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers; if you are struggling for a good night sleep due to hip or back pain; you should seriously consider memory foam mattress toppers because they allow your bed to actually mold to your body by eradicating pressure points. Pressure points are basically areas on your body which press hardest into the bed. The extra thick memory foam allows your mattress pad to perfectly suit your body. The support of memory foam may also ease pain, tension, and headaches.

Down filled mattress toppers are a real luxury. They provide a combination of softness and support. The down gives bulk and support with its softness and gives full comfort while you rest on it. So, the firmness of your topper depends on what went into it. The down used in toppers are often fairly large clusters as a topper needs to offer a lot of support.

Feather mattress pads are just awesome as down, but a little hard than the down. They are filled up with chunky feathers or small crushed feathers. Stitched with square boxes to keep the feather in place.

Wool mattress toppers are one of the best in natural range. Being totally natural they are free from all the allergy causing agents and a great solution for people looking for synthetic topper alternative.

A great and wise natural choice is cotton mattress topper, best for health-conscious people who avoid synthetic choices in bedding.

Latex mattress pads make an uncomfortable mattress feel like a dream bed to sleep on. This cushions your mattress without losing its shape for many years.

Microfibre mattress toppers are a great alternate to natural toppers. It’s soft and comfy just like down toppers and imitates all its properties.

How to pick a perfect mattress topper?

There a wide range of mattress toppers and sometimes it’s quite tricky to get perfect for you. I would like to share some points with my personal experience which would really help to get a perfect topper for you to add an extra comfort layer to bed.

Thickness of a mattress topper is of utmost importance. Comfort and thickness of topper are correlated. The price tags of toppers vary widely, depending upon the size and material. Spend extra money to get a comfortable and a durable topper. Cheaper would last a few months. Than the size of the topper must be according to the size of your mattress so it fits well.