Some Top Reasons To Choose Hungarian Goose Down Duvet

First let me explain what duvets are? Duvet is basically a French word meaning down, is actually a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, silk or either a synthetic alternative and typically protected with a removable cover. In British English, a duvet is referred to as a continental quilt or simply a quilt. In Australian English, it is known as doona and in American English commonly called as a comforter. Now, duvets are a must part of your bed. Everyone wants to have a soft duvet and when it comes to softness, the natural filling materials are considered to be on top. Hungarian goose down duvets has several benefits, other than the fact it is super soft. Here I will discuss with you the reasons why to have Hungarian goose down duvets.

But before that let me explain what goose down duvet is? A goose down duvet refers to a duvet, as name suggests has goose down filling material. Goose down is a natural material therefore it possesses all the features of natural material.


The number 1 reason to choose Hungarian goose down duvets is that they are extremely lightweight. The down of the Hungarian geese is extremely light because they have light feathers to fly. If you want to enjoy the softest duvet ever in winter than this is the right choice for you.


Of course Hungarian goose down is very warm therefore; this warmth is transferred to duvet too. Though Hungarian goose down duvets can be used throughout the year. You will love your down duvet in cold winter nights and as well as in hot summer nights.

Heat trapper:

Down has the potential to trap heat inside. When you use Hungarian goose down duvet, it will trap heat inside and thus make your body feel warm during the whole night. In winters as the body releases heat it traps and make you feel warm and cozy while, during summers it releases the heat from the duvet which is released by body and make to feel cool when lying under it.


Goose down has heat trapping qualities but with that its breathability is also awesome. This means it circulates the air throughout the duvet. The trapped heat inside the duvet circulates and let the fresh air comes inside thus maintain the level of warmth or coolness required for the specific season.

Good Absorber:

Goose down has the potential to absorb moisture as well as perspiration. In the night, when you perspire, your Hungarian goose down duvet absorbs it and keeps your body dry; therefore, you are able to enjoy a comfortable and dry sleep in night.


Hungarian Goose Down Duvets UK are so processed that they are highly hypoallergenic and avoid build up of moulds and mites. Thus they are safe for those people also who have any allergy.


Hungarian goose down duvets is easily washable. But certain precautionary measures are to be taken. But preferably, these should be dry cleaned to avoid damage to the down.


Hungarian goose down duvets is highly durable. It can be used for years and years if washed and taken care regularly and properly.

These are the reasons why to choose the Hungarian goose down duvet. You will love using these soft and comfortable down duvets as we Quilts For Sale UK and Raymat Textiles UK loves to manufacture and sale it for your better sleep. Just give them a try we will fall in love with them.