RESPONSE: Single mother claims Yelp fired her because she visited boyfriend with brain bleed in ICU

A friend, who will remain anonymous, recently brought to my attention a controversial story of a Bay Area woman accusing Yelp of firing her for merely visiting her boyfriend in the ICU.

Read the heartfelt story here:

Excuse me.. LAUGH OUT LOUD.

OK — so let’s disregard the fact that I happen to have 22 mutual friends on Facebook with this woman (from completely different circles.. we all know what THAT means *eye-roll*), and let’s ignore the fact that she now has a GoFundMe account for her family, and let’s overlook the fact that the man in the ICU is not her child’s father, but a man whose earliest “couple” picture was posted in late January, just weeks before the incident.

All these circumstances aside, let us assume that this woman is an educated contributor to society who can hold a steady job and has good judgement on her priorities, like most young working professionals in the Bay Area.

So — Yelp, a 3.5 Billion dollar company, offered this woman an Associate Account Executive role. A sales job. At a Corporation. During a technological renassiance. A free-for-all, if you will, where recent graduates and millennials alike are desperate and hungry for something, ANYTHING, to help them pay back their horrendous student loans and still be able to pay their iPhone bill.

Recent graduates who will sit at a computer doing absolutely nothing but check e-mail and make coffee just to have the title on their resume.

Recent graduates who will sacrifice their brain and creativity in hopes of making that ONE connection that might get them into the big leagues.

Recent graduates who were looking forward to 401k’s and benefits upon adulthood, but must settle for contracting jobs and are forced to swallow their pride when telling their family that they are not an actual employee — and must work overtime to proove their worth.

THIS is the environment where this woman was fired for visiting her significant other in the ICU.

Let that sink in for a moment…

Now if I had things my way, I would encourage all thriving young professionals to share this woman’s story. PLEASE share it, but under one circumstance: highlight the sacrifice you made to keep your job. We all have them, big or small, we have made gut-wrenching sacrifices.

Did you sell your car so you could live in the city, closer to your job? Did you leave your SO behind in a different state to take a gamble on a new opportunity? Are you working in the Google Cafe, taking food orders from millionaires (without tips), hoping to make the right connections that will get you in-house?

Here’s mine: Before taking my entry level position at Hitachi Data Systems, I was making 60,000/year as a full-time bartender. CASH. I also worked two internships while in school simultaneously, and made it known through my networks of my ambitions, which eventually helped me land my current position. Likewise, my expendable income is now less than half of my bartending job, but I get a cool job title. YAY Taxes.

I wish the best to this woman and her struggling work ethic, and truly hope that one day she can make the sacrifices needed to become a “real-life” working professional. But I refuse to sympathize for your sacrifice, or lack thereof.

Thank you.

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