Starting up a Service Marketplace Like TaskRabbit: What You Should Know?

Written by : Elavarasan siva

The Ascending of Online Service Marketplace

The dawn of flourishing online marketplaces has started to bring everything right in the stroke of a swipe for the users to own. People have started to trust the digital world and every other benefit it has to offer. Service marketplace is one such endeavor which connects the gap between the service providers and customer. Now it is easy for a common man to hire any professional such as plumber, electrician, cleaners, mechanics etc for completing their small tasks. Already the market is having a steady growth and this will be the right circumstances for an entrepreneur to step into this sector. Having a market share for your startup may be difficult at the initial stage but once you are way past in acquiring the base set of customer, you will continue to grow.

Choosing a Commoditized or Un-Commoditized Service

If you chose to be a commoditized service provider, you need to standardize your pricing and structure the same for every type of service provided in your service marketplace. This will be a difficult process to structure a specific cost for a service in a location. If you consider TaskRabbit, they have known to use an un-commoditized service. Instead of standardizing price, they give you low, medium and high which have worked out for them. However standardizing the price structure in a service marketplace will always be a tricky process. Make sure which one will best define the core use of your website and act based on that.

Are Home Services the Right Niche to Startup?

From technical services to normal day-to-day tasks, the service marketplace has everything to offer. When starting up one, you don’t have to start by providing a broad niche of services. Instead, it is wise to go with a particular niche. Being so specific, the home services seem to be reaching a peak demand in online. It is said that the market is estimated about $400 billion and the major companies like Google and Amazon are already in the acquaintance to catch up. Amazon services have already categorized about 700 services in their home service marketplace. However, you can go in-depth and choose particular niche like cleaning, plumbing, interior decorating etc.

Setting Up Your Service Marketplace Website

Gathering the resources, planning the strategies and defining the business model are the critical things but it is equally important to spend a quality time in setting up your service marketplace website. However, you don’t have much time and resource to start everything from the scratch. In today’s digital world, the ready-made scripts have been revolutionizing the small digital startups. These scripts have the ready to go business model and features of the most popular websites of a niche. For developing a service marketplace, you can use a taskrabbit clone. It comes with pre-determined features and modules that you help you to setup a perfect service marketplace platform.

Untie the Knots of Challenges in Running a Service Marketplace

In a service marketplace, the first know you have to untie is how you are going to facilitate a transaction in availing a service. You cannot charge the customer before availing the service. This means there will be consequences if the customer doesn’t feel satisfied with the service. However, you can slice up a cut after the service from the payment of the task. For finding up each potential customer to a professional, you can encompass a commission. This may be a main source of revenue for your portal, however, these things need to be carefully implemented. Apart from the commission, listing fee and subscription basis model are other popular revenue models.

Keep the Balance and Checks

It will be a difficult task to keep things in a balance for both the ends. Either the service seekers or professional should be given the priority in things. Doing so will make it one-sided and make people abandon your platform. When you are giving a quote of a customer to a professional, there should be some workflow tools which allow messaging between them. Also, the service seekers should be allowed to have a glance at the portfolio and work of the professionals. The reputation for the professionals in the platform should be based on their prior work.

To Conclude

Give in the right space for everyone and take suggestions from everyone. Once your website flourishes, the professionals in your platform will try to improve their profile. You will keep getting the customers as long as you have better service professionals and support.

Originally published at on August 4, 2016.

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