Brighten & Whiten Your Mom’s Smile This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to make her smile brighter, whiter and happier by gifting her teeth whitening kit? Teeth whitening is not only part of dental care but one of the best services offered in cosmetic dentistry around the world. A smile is worth a thousand words and can brighten any one’s day, improve confidence and dental aesthetics in so many ways! And research shows that a whiter smile can make you look years younger so this is the perfect opportunity to gift the lost years to your beloved mother!

As we get older, our teeth lose their natural shine and sparkle. This mostly happens due to diet and lifestyle habits such as drinking too much tea, coffee and smoking which can stain teeth. But discoloration of teeth is not permanent; a professional teeth whitening treatment can restore natural color and even enhance appearance, giving your mother the chance to smile with all her heart for parties and pictures. So why not make this Mother’s Day the perfect day to gift her new start?

And there are so many special offers and promotions to choose from for this weekend and the entire month of May. Dental care starts with striving for healthy and whiter teeth; with technological advances you can easily take care of your teeth within minutes. Whitening is now even easier with LED lights that speed up the process and improves results by up to 40%. Dental professionals are now more vigilant due to the highly competitive cosmetic dentistry industry and strive to do their best for customer satisfaction.

Do it yourself teeth whitening kits are also available online and in stores for those mothers who prefer to do this at home. Custom teeth whitening trays can be ordered just by taking an impression of the teeth for a more personalized service for your mother. The best part about this is that the Mother’s Day discounts make it much more affordable; on average dentists will charge $300 to $1000 for custom fitted teeth trays while such offers are providing them for as little as $70 to $100.

So you must take advantage of Mother’s Day promotions for teeth whitening packages and products. You and your mother can do it together; you can either book an appointment at your nearest dentist or just order the whole kit and make it into a fun activity at home. Thank you.