Coffee, A Love Story

When I was two years old, I remember seeing my grandmother’s coffee mug on the corner table next to the couch. There was no one around to tell me no, so I took the mug and tasted the cold coffee that was forgotten about. My grandmother drank her coffee black, no sugar, no cream. So as you can imagine, it was very bitter for the tastebuds of a then 2 year old Emily. However, the bitterness was not a turn off. I tasted the coffee in its purest form, and my love story for this incredible drink began.

I could imagine that my toddler self must have been curious as to my grandmother’s obsession with this drink. It was quite literally the only thing I could remember her ever drinking, with the exception of grapefruit juice in the morning with her breakfast. However, I wasn’t intrigued by the taste of the grapefruit juice the way I was by coffee. I mean it makes sense. You see the person that you have the biggest connection with as a family member, the one who has cared for you and loved you like your mother drinking coffee by the pound, you are likely to gain an affinity for it.

The beautiful aroma that engulfs your senses as you awake in the morning throughout the house is what coffee brands like Foldgers have used to market a certain feeling of home and comfort within their commercials for years. It is this very essence of coffee that I connect with as well. When I walk into a coffee shop, I inhale the enticing aroma. The aroma that takes me back to a wonderful time of being taken care of by my grandmother. The aroma for me is directly connected to 3 of 5 tiers of Maslow’s Hierarchy being Physiological, Safety, and Love.

My love for coffee is clearly connected to my love for my grandmother. She passed away a little more than two years ago from a battle with pancreatic cancer. The doctors were amazed by her ability to fight at the age of 83, and never thought she’d make it 8 months from diagnosis to farewell. My memories never fade of her, she is imprinted in my heart forever. Every day when I wake up, I get to enjoy her essence, comfort, and love through the aroma of the sweet, sweet, smell of coffee.

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