An Open Response To Clint Eastwood

Dear Mr. Eastwood,

How are you feeling? I assume you’re feeling lucky today (hahaha!…kidding. I’m sure you’re fine). Before I get too deep into this message, I want to disclaim right up here at the top for you that I am absolutely not calling you a racist. I sincerely don’t believe (nor do I know you well enough) that you are racist at heart, and I don’t believe that you intend any ill-will toward someone who belongs to a minority group.

Now having said that, the reason I’m writing to you is that I would like to address something you said a couple days ago during an interview you had with Esquire Magazine that (whether you know it or not) you’ve been taking a lot of shit over. You said in response to Donald Trump,

Maybe. But he’s onto something, because secretly everybody’s getting tired of political correctness, kissing up. That’s the kiss-ass generation we’re in right now. We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells. We see people accusing people of being racist and all kinds of stuff. When I grew up, those things weren’t called racist.

It’s kind of a puzzling sentiment to some of us. It’s almost as puzzling as that time you awkwardly stood on stage yelling at an empty chair in a dramatic abstract performance. As I said already…I don’t believe anyone has directly called you a racist, so it vexes me why you of all people would think that you’re living in such a dire age.

Now, I get a lot of the other things you’re saying here. As a guy who pretended to be a badass in movies for decades, you probably take issue with all the fancy-pants fairies like me, who hop around from place to place leaving trails of gay rainbow residue everywhere we go like pansy-snails. If you met me, a trans woman, I can’t imagine how offended you would be, and I’m certain that my presence would push you further into a deep, sad hole, continuing to sulk over how times have changed and your relevance has been spent.

A hole where you will spend the precious last of your living days lamenting how everyone around you has become “cuckholded pussies”…and while I’m not one to rain on anyone’s pity parade, it might be worth it to explain to you exactly what’s happening out there in that big scary world you’re willfully disassociated from.

See, back when you were growing up, the 1930’s and 40’s, there wasn’t such thing as “racism” at all. Lynchings were commonplace in some areas and if you threw out any one of a host of derogatory words for someone who isn’t white like you are, nobody would bat an eye…probably not even the person your words were intended to reference. See, it was likely that that person you just called a ‘spook’ was probably used to being called that and many other nasty things their whole life. They were beaten down people…beaten down by what we have come to understand and know as racism.

And after decades and decades of this kind of behavior, a funny thing happened. Something inside the spirit of these beaten down people switched on, and they were no longer happy for people to treat them like common trash for no reason. This system you grew up in where it was OK to treat people like this over time became seen by many (but not widely by white people of course) to be a system that encourages a thing we icky SJWs call “oppression.”

Now, I know…it’s silly. “ohhh, here we go again with this pansy-ass bullshit again…” I bet you’re thinking. I just dropped the “O” word which means that everything I will say from here on out probably means that I’m one of those sensitive-feeling wimps you hate so much. But step back away from the word “oppression” and actually understand its meaning — “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control.” Tell me that doesn’t perfectly describe the world that a little black girl in the 1930s and 40’s grew up in — you know, that same shining world you grew up in!

Over the last 10 years, a lot of other groups have finally started to be able to enjoy a more open and honest life outside of this mainstream system that you and those before you inherited and paid upkeep for. Gays stopped being the victims of governmental and social apathy toward serious diseases impacting their communities, and more recently transgender people are been beaten to death in the streets less than we were 30+ years ago (yippy-hurray!). So it’s understandable that the world you knew and loved probably looks a lot different today than it did. It’s understandable that this is probably frightening to you.

Some people are going to have animosity toward you because you’re an old straight/cisgender white guy, and to them, you are an unwilling symbol of a system of oppression that has kept many of us in this country away from the dream of achieving equality under the law and in society….but I don’t blame you personally for it.

In this country that prides ourselves on justice and equality, we are doing a much, MUCH better job keeping that promise to the hardworking people who just happen to be racial, gender, religious, and sexual minorities. We are keeping that pledge and that’s something to be damn proud of. However, there are still people like you who are bitter over (probably) a lot of things, not the least of which is your descending value as a “special currency” in a society that you enjoyed with your white-dude privileges.

You never had to deal with the hassle of someone denying you a place to live for being white, you never had to fear going to work because your boss might try to play grab-ass with you while you’re reading lines, and you certainly didn’t have some orange moron threatening to kick you out of the country before shooting started on your next movie. I’m not asking you to turn over a new leaf and become one of those liberal wusses you reference in your quote. Generally, many of us don’t a grudge against you for the fact that you enjoy so many awesome privileges in life…

We just ask is that you stop being such an asshole about it…

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