A different Cinderella Story

Bell was a very blessed and loved child.
She had all what her heart longed for.
A good home, friends and parents who loved her no matter what.
But nothing is really meant for eternity and her mother got very sick.
Not long after she was diagnosed with a death illness, she past.
The little 5 year old, who has lost her mom way too soon, couldn’t stop crying for months.
Even if it was very hard for both, father and daughter, they’ve got their lifes back on track.
But it wasn’t always that easy with Jack working all the time to get his little one fed.

One day he decided to get her a new mom, so she wouldn’t be alone all the time and had someone to talk to.
And to be honest, Jack also needed an adult to lean on.
When he met Audrey, it looked like the perfect fit.
She was a widdow with two young girls, who needed a father, like his Bell a mother needed.
Bell was always told, she is the prettiest girl in the whole world, but when her new sisters arrived, she couldn’t stop staring.
The twins, Helena and Aphrodite were far beyond from beautiful.
And over the years they should become the most popular girls.
But also Bell.
She and her new sisters were very close.
They shared everything, until they become nearly adults and would spread their wings to find the perfect man to marry.

Worst of all, Bell’s father got hit by a car in a tragic accident.
He died 2 months before Bell would turn 18.
Audrey and the twins were a huge help, even if they also had to grieve a big loss, too.
5 months after Bell has turned 18, her sisters had become the same age.
Now they were all ready to marry and for the worst part, the best catch in town, too.

The crown prince had set up a date for the hottest event of the year. 
All beautiful young ladies were invited to the ball, where he would choose a woman to become his wife.
The three girls were thrilled about the upcoming event.
It was cristal clear, one of them would be the future princess.
In her role as mother of the future bride, Audrey did everything to make sure her girls are the chosen.
They’ve got the prettiest dresses, a spa day and of course a visit at the barbershop.
It was all set and done, when Audrey decided to make a little twist.
All her girls will go to the ball, but her twins will have the only chance.

Right before the three girls would leave the house, Audrey took Bell aside and gave her a special gift.
She was too young when her mother died, so she wouldn’t know better. 
Audrey gave Bell a necklace, which belonged to her mother.
At least, that’s what Audrey has told her.
She wouldn’t notice a difference, but to everyone else she will look very different. 
And after Bell has put on the shiny gift, she couldn’t believe the bitter truth coming out of Audreys mouth.
She won’t be able to get this necklace off.
It is an cursed object.
From now on she will no longer be a pretty girl for the outside world.
She will look ugly and don’t smell very well.
The only way to get this curse gone is to be found by real love.

With this horrible idea in her head, Bell had to go to the ball to convince to crown prince, her inner beauty is worth to be loved.
Not really an easy path to go, but she had no choice.
If she ever wanted to be normal again, she had at least to try.
Good for her, the crown prince announced to dance with every available girl who’d show up.
He doesn’t really looked very pleased to dance with Bell, but even if she really looked aweful and smelled like hell, there was something.
The longer they’ve danced, the more he was sure, there is something in her eyes, that is really beautiful and kind.
Even if nobody would see it, he managed to see her truth self and in the end of the day, he choses her to be his princess.
So the curse was broken and they lived happily ever after.