Stop telling me to ‘stay safe’
Jen A. Miller

This is so true! It is much more valuable to enjoy and actually live your life than it is to play it safe. As a teen, I wanted to go for runs around my neighborhood by myself. It is still a very safe neighborhood in rural Pennsylvania. Yet, my parents acted as if going for a run as a young girl was a very risky decision. I would only be allowed to go if I wore a little fanny pack with my phone around my waist. I understand wanting to protect your children, but my point is that, as women, we are taught from a young age to fear stepping outside the house. I have to convince myself that what I want to do is more important to me than fearing being attacked simply because I’m a woman. It is a shame that these attacks do happen. And, statistically, there are a lot of terrible things that can happen to you at any given time. Yet we still ride in cars and eat unhealthy food. There is always something a person can fear. However, we must not let fear stop us from living.