Interaction Design

Puget Sound Temperature Tracker

Design Process:

The primary brainstorming and development forthe organization of the application.

In this Sprint I created a prototype of a mobile app for citizen science contributors with a focus on water quality in the Puget Sound area. I began by brainstorming ideas on which aspect of water quality our application will be centered around and what will motivate users to continually use the application. After brainstorming and consulting with my group, I went on to draw the interface of the screens including a log in page, home page, data recording page, etc. I decided to use the list menu navigation pattern since it is categorically organized, self explanatory and I only had a few option on my home page. As I drew my final sketches of the application I realized some important aspects I should add such as a menu bar, and a back button for navigation throughout the application. Using the POP application, I was able to link pages to one another and develop my final product. Last, I created a minute-long demo video to elaborate on how it works.

Researching how water temperatures affect lake water and dissolved oxygen levels.
Beginning to form my final sketches onto index cards. Looking how I can connect my ideas together and make them flow in a smooth and engaging way.
Using POP to link my pages together and create a prototype (green represents that the area is linked to another page). (Home Page)

Design Experience:

The main problem I encountered was deciding what to put on my home page. For example, when brainstorming I originally thought to put background information about lake water temperatures in order to explain their importance to dissolved oxygen in the water and water quality in general. However, I realized that users would most likely want to view the background information only once (the first time on the application), so it would not be very efficient to put it on the home page; which they will see every time they log in. Instead I added a “News” tab at which users can view new articles and discoveries about lake water temperatures, water quality programs, etc.


While creating the prototype for this application I realized how much I enjoy thinking of efficient ways for the user to navigate throughout the application such as creating a menu bar for the extra features, and allowing the user to start recording data right from the donation page. I additionally liked that our final deliverable started from an idea and developed into something physical I can show others. Since I was able to show my application to others, I got to see how they would navigate through the application which was very rewarding.


Demo Video:

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