Usability Testing

Mr.Coffee 4 cup Coffee Maker

Basis of Usability Testing

In this project I worked with a group to create a usability test on a coffee maker. We used the 3X3X3 approach which entails three participants, three tasks for each participant and three types of data collected. The three tasks we compiled were replacing the filter on the coffee maker, preparing one cup of coffee, and pouring pre-made coffee into a mug. Our three types of data included time (in seconds), error rate, and satisfaction on an ordinal scale. We met at Starbucks in order to conduct the usability test and switched off roles of recorder, facilitator and photographer. After compiling our data, we made the video which reflects the the users` feedback and statistics from the test.

Researching coffee makers in order to design suitable tasks an understand the design.
Mr. Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker, the coffee maker used in the usability test.


I had not really thought about how necessary usability tests are for products before this project. I was surprised to see how different participants, especially participant two who had never used a coffee machine, interacted with the coffee maker. Tasks that might seem obvious to some may not be as self-explanatory to first time users. Due to this project, I would love to know more about user experience and how to engineer products better fitted for all users reaching a high level of effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction. I also found myself asking how do manufacturers know if they have done enough testing.

Setup for usability test conducted at Starbucks Coffee.

What I Enjoyed

Throughout the project I really liked how we were able to make all the design decisions of our test when it came to choosing tasks, types of data, and even users. For example, our team chose random participants for the usability test which proved to be advantageous due to the fact that it caused us to act much more professional and serious; enabling us to see how this process might occur in other companies. I can also see how usability tests can be applicable to many products ranging from high-tech devices to everyday home appliances.

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