Why Lemonade Is For Black Women
Dominique Matti

I loved everything you wrote. I agree with everything you wrote. Your piece was so brilliant!

I understand that perhaps Lemonade isn’t written for me, it is clear from your article that it is for Black women, but I love the album and it spoke to me and I’m so grateful for Beyoncé’s strength in speaking up and speaking out!

When I first heard Lemonade, I thought… “ I don’t think I’ve heard a woman in such a high position in the world call out her husband like this… and give him a public warning in this way…ever”. The world somehow makes women look like fools and “crazy” when they are speaking out about being perpetrated against, so many of us choose not to say anything when we are wronged in all of the many ways we are wronged and wronged further by the incessant pressure to be silent about our pain. However, Beyoncé exposed herself and in doing so empowered every woman to say: I will not hold my tongue if I am transgressed against, instead I will rise up and speak my truth. I will not choose to protect someone who has been willing to wound me. In addition, she has made the world a stage to his next potential misdeed, and now every man will wonder, will my woman do the same? Perhaps her hope is that his fear of public scrutiny might actually stop him in his tracks.

When you listen to the music and the words and feel her pain and her power you are called to action in your own life to say to yourself: has my fear of being stigmatized as crazy forced me to silence myself at the times when I needed to speak my truth most? Which transgressors have I been in the business of protecting with my silence, choosing to cover my own mouth as to not make a scene and be viewed as anything unsavory or inappropriate, fearing being misunderstood or abandoned more than the fear of not standing up for myself.

Thank you Beyoncé and thank you Dominique for choosing to be fearless!