Mr. Panda vs. Robot Army

Mr. Panda vs Robot Army

It was late in the afternoon, day 235, stranded on the western coast of Antarctica. Juarez had only a potato sack and a wine glass. His blender has broken down due to many too many fish and penguin smoothies. Being a panda living in the antarctic can be hard as it is, let alone knowing Sir Kandy Krisp and his robot army were on their way. He needed to start strategizing, but watching the narwhals jump around in the waves were memorizing as fuck. Juarez suddenly got the idea to train the narwhals to use their horns to good use. They were perfect for impaling robots in their left knee cap; that’s where their main control system was kept. Sir KK was hoping nobody would think of aiming for the left knee cap, since everyone goes for the obvious right shoulder. Panda had already tried using his potato sack to jump over to them, but it slowed him down a bit. He also tried breaking the wine glass over their heads but realized that it was made of diamond and wouldn’t break for shit. We all know how indestructible diamond is from the hours of minecraft experience. Obviously realistic. So Juarez went on to train these narwhals, that turned out to have had special ninja training. He was in the middle of playing poker with his favorite narwhal, Brenda, when Sir KK arrived with his robot army. Sir KK and the robots were not prepared to find 600 narwhals waiting for him. Leading them was Juarez. It threw him so off guard, that he slipped into a deep abyss of dark matter from the shock. All of a sudden, Clyde, a midge narwhal impaled one of the closer robots, directly in the right knee cap. He is ambidextrous. Everyone paused to watch, waiting for the worst, when the robot broke out into dance. Tap dance. Juarez quickly yelled to the rest of the narwhal pack, “Switch the the right knee cap!” The narwhals proceeded to do so until the final robot was tap dancing. It was a happy day for Juarez; he had made 600 aquatic friends with swords attached to their heads, and his enemies had been defeated. He continued to get along well with the robots, but they eventually moved to New York and joined broadway shoes with their unique ability to shoot lasers while tap dancing. At least he still had Brenda. Clyde turned out to be a cocaine addict and everyone avoided him. The End.