Here’s what happened when I wore my Kansas City Royals shirt around New York City.

It’s on! (Photo: Kansas City Star)

It takes guts to walk around your opponent’s city wearing “the enemy’s” regalia. But that guts meter is exacerbated 10-fold (totally scientific method in measuring this, by the way), when your opponent’s city is NYC, your regalia is a KC Royals shirt and when it’s the 2015 World Series.

Today, I was brave and I wore my “This girl loves her Royals” shirt out into the concrete jungle. As soon as I left my apartment, however, I was scared.

Here are just a few of the things that happened to me today:

  • The man I sat next to on the subway kept staring and mumbling to himself. Something along the lines of “I’ve waited longer...”
  • The lady who took my Starbucks order this morning asked me my name but then wrote ‘Go Mets!’ on my cup instead.
“Can you spell that?” “Emily. It’s spelled R-O-Y-A-L-S.”
  • One of my coworkers kept saying “Boooo!” every time I walked by and another, who asked if I had enough Royals gear to last the whole World Series, followed that up with “which will only last four games because you’re going to be swept.”
  • Then, the man at the Whole Foods checkout gave me a free beer because apparently, I’ll “need it after tonight.”
  • Not to mention the smirks, shaking heads and raised eyebrows I got from strangers.

I will say, however, while I don’t know which team will come away the victor of the World Series (ahem… Royals in 6), one thing’s for sure: I’m proud to be a Kansan turned New Yorker.

Still…. sorry New York, our heart is bigger than your Apple!

(Photo: Kansas City Star)