By Helen LeFevre

Charlie started it. And when a ginger wages a campaign, you might as well capitulate.

“I like this one,” Tim said. “She’s the prettiest.”

The breeder winced: “She’s a bit — tricky.”

But the deal was done.

Home, to three young Burts, a flurry of visits from the Waller playground, builders, neighbours, and extended family. There was no quiet introduction to family life.

And she was tricky.

Top of the class at puppy school, Mattie would behave perfectly in the church hall only to drag me back along the A2, gaily disregarding the commands of ‘wait’, ‘heel’…

BBC/Getty Images

‘Good work’ is a concept few would argue with. But not only is its definition open to question, many businesses don’t believe doing the right thing by staff pays off

After she graduated from music college, Jenny Carlyle stood at a Yorkshire bus stop with a guitar on her back wondering “what on earth to do with my life”, when a van operated by vegetarian food wholesaler Suma pulled up nearby. It was a moment that could have been scripted. “When I discovered they were a co-operative — no bosses, equal pay — I found myself wondering what the catch…

Smart pills, microdosing and even electrical brain stimulation might give us an edge in the workplace, says Emily Burt, but when does the quest for perfection tip into a destructive pressure to conform?

Honoré De Balzac’s magnum opus La Comédie Humaine is a multi-volume collection of 91 completed works and 45 unfinished pieces, which the French writer produced over 12 years, between 1831 and 1842. Balzac fuelled this iconic literary mountain, which tackled the human condition in exhaustive detail, with a punishing work ethic — writing from 1am to 8am every morning, sometimes for 15 hours or more, without a…

Three weeks before my grandfather died, he spent a last holiday sitting on the warped wooden bench in front of Cley windmill. It was early October: murmurations of starlings rode the wind over the salt marshes each evening, coming together and breaking apart against an endless expanse of sky. Dog walkers hiked along the sea ridge to Blakeney, and young families soaked up the final dregs of summer.

When the sun was out my mother loaded the car with a pair of wooden garden chairs, blankets, boxes of pills, and drove him to the shingle beach. He sat cocooned in…

Emily Burt

Staff writer at People Management magazine, and co-founder of Fumble – an online sex education resource by young people for young people

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